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Boney M

Maizie Williams

BONEY M - Daddy Cool (1976)
Boney M Daddy cool
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The 1970s saw the birth of Disco - 100% freaking, boogying, hustling, bumping, bus-stopping, pure disco dancing.


It started in the mid-70s and continued right through, well into the 80s. 

Boney M and Maizie Williams was a great part of that era...


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The Official Boney M Booking Site
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  • Half Playback show          45–60 min

       4 persons on stage​

       (4 vocals)

  • Live Band                          60 min

       9 on stage​

       (4 vocals, 2 keyboard, 1 lead guitar, 1 base guitar + drums)

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  • Live Band Big                   90 min

       14 persons on stage​

       (4 vocals, 2 keyboard, 1 lead guitar, 1 base guitar, 1 drums

       + 3-piece brass-section, 1 percussion and 1 backing vocals)

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